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The studio itself is our finest tool.

Edward came of age in some of the finest recording studios in the world, but his journey began in the late 90s and early millennium, in the early beginnings of the home studio.

20+ years of experience and knowledge shapes his clear vision today.


Panorama: a forward thinking vision, an evolving vision, through tenaciously pushing for better, through simplification, open minded experimentation and refinement of the finer details.

The most important object to enter a studio is the record itself, and everything else should function and perform to serve this special guest first.


This mantra defines the way Panorama was built, the way his team act, think and deliver. Edward's belief is simple: ... it is when the studio is working to serve the record and the room is working in tandem that a performer can be truly displayed, stimulated, captured and heightened, and that then, music can feel better.


Edward makes records from the heart.

We are based in the idyllic English Countryside, but our services are worldwide. We support our clients as they balance demanding lives. With our understanding of artistry, music and the music business, along with our strong network of contacts, our services are designed to meet the needs of the extraordinary.

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